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I recently had the honor of photographing newborn triplets.  Avery, Kersey, and Easton was sweet as pie and oh-so-cute.  They came from Fredericksburg to my photography studio in Bulverde for their newborn portraits.  These babies hardly made a peep and were perfect angels… even if I did have to change my shirt 4 times!  I adore photographing multiples.


Several of these photos were featured on Best Newborn and Birth Without Fear.  I am so honored!


Naja - Holy cuteness!! They are adorable <3

Bobbie - Cute, cute, cute!!!

Melissa - I can’t believe how many wonderful pictures you got of all 3 of them. They are all so precious!!!!!

Amanda Buechler - adorable babies! gorgeous photos 🙂

Connie - This is absolutely AMAZING!! The family one is just gorgeous!!!! You are so talented!!

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Newborn Portraits- Your Way

When you book your newborn portrait session with Chelsea Lietz Photography, I send a style survey for you to fill out before the session.  This tells me a little about you and your family and how you envision your baby’s first pictures.  I want to know if you like bold or muted, sporty or classic, princess chic or organic neutrals.  I have hundred of props, but knowing something about you before the session helps me prepare and create a personal experience for you.  Firemen, ballerinas, military, doctors, book worms, sports fanatics… I get them all!  And I love styling a session to your tastes.



Madeline Lincoln (AKA the whole Lincoln Family) - Traditional newborn, preppy flair. Will shoot some with Big brother and mom and dad.

Ashley Campbell - Hi Chelsea,

I was hoping you could send me some more information on your newborn package. I am due on July 7th and I’m not sure if you are available around that time.


Karl Bielfeldt - Would like to look into booking a session, our son is due May 10th

Amanda - I’m due July 14th and would like to get details on a newborn session and see if you are available to book. Thanks.

Kimberly - Hi I would love information on a photo shoot for my newborn. I’m due on May 10th!

Erin bowers - I recently had our son and would love for you to do his newborn pictures. You come highly recommended and would love to speak with you about setting up a session. Let me know what I may need to do. I look forward to hearing from you!

admin - Ashley, did you get a response from me? I am so sorry, but I rarely check blog comments, only the contact section. Please let me know if you would like more info!

Thanks, Chelsea

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Twins & Triplets!

I adore twins and other multiples at Chelsea Lietz Photography!  I photograph newborn twins fairly often and even have a set of newborn triplets coming to the studio any day now.  This week I am teaching a free basics of photography class at the San Antonio Mothers of Multiples meeting… I just love networking with these fun families and sharing tips for better photographing their own children.

And of course I always love when they bring their twins and triplets to me for professional portraits.

I think parents of multiples pay extra everywhere they go, so Chelsea Lietz Photography is happy to charge the single flat rate for multiples…. no matter how many in your brood!


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One of my most requested newborn shots is the hanging baby.

I love these shots and have several set-ups to choose from.

There are a few things parents should know about these shots…  they are safe!  These shots are done as a composite- meaning I combine two or more photos to create the illusion that the baby was hanging alone up in the air. In actuality, someone is holding the baby at all times.  I take MULTIPLE safety precautionary measures.  No shot is worth risking your brand new baby.

If you aren’t hiring me, please do your research and make sure your photographer is knowledgeable and safe.


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