How do I book a session?

Email me through my Contact Me form to tell me what you have in mind and inquire about availability.  I will get back to  you within 36 hours.  When we confirm availability and your desire to book, I will give you the password to complete the contract and pay your retainer in the Client section of this site.


Are you just a newborn photographer?

Newborns are my favorite and I certainly specialize in them.  But I love to stay sharp in all other areas of portraiture, as well!  Scheduling priority goes to newborns clients, so if you have another session in mind, please book early!


Is newborn photography safe?

A newborn in the hands of a PROFESSIONAL newborn photographer with training is extremely safe.  The health and safety of the baby must come first. I am trained in posing newborns SAFELY.  Any “dangerous” looking shot that you may see is a composite… this means that I combine 2 or more photos to create the illusion that the baby was hanging or holding her own head up in her hands, etc.  Or sometimes I just edit out the hand that was supporting baby’s head. In addition to using composites, I use spotters, counterweights, a soft beanbag, and a lot of patience to settle baby comfortably and safely into a pose. I am vaccinated against whooping cough and the flu.  I never work when sick and I wash my hands very often when working with your child.


When do newborn sessions take place? 

Newborn sessions take place 5-14 days from birth. This is done for many reasons… Newborns this young are more likely to “curl up” and remain sleepy for the duration of the session. They are much more tolerant of being posed and moved around than a 3 or 4 week old. Almost all of the “sleepy newborn” shots you see on the website were done with newborns 14 days old or younger. If your baby is older than 2 weeks, don’t worry, we can still capture beautiful photos-it may just take more effort on both ends and we will need to skip some of the poses you see.


How do I book a session when I’m not sure when baby will be born? 

That’s easy… let me know your due date and I will pencil you in on my calendar. Once baby is born, let me know as soon as possible (ideally within the first couple of days and absolutely before baby is 7 days) and we will select an actual date for your session. If you do not contact me within that first week, I cannot guarantee availability before the 2 week mark, so please contact me sooner. I book a maximum number of newborns per month so that I have the time it takes to create a beautiful gallery for you… but I do have other sessions to schedule around.  Newborns are usually scheduled Monday- Thursday about 9am.


How long does a session last?

Newborn sessions often run long due to the nature and frequent nurturing of the infant. Please expect up to four hours, though they average about two. I do not rush the session, I let baby take as many breaks as needed. Baby’s comfort and safety is my number one priority. Make sure anyone coming along (especially Dads!) know that the session is several hours (longer for multiples) in a very warm studio where I need relative quiet.  If a sibling is coming along, some families prefer to do their shots first and then take them home.  I do have some toys in the studio and a playground outside.  Books, laptops, tablets, and smart phones are good, quiet ways to pass the time.  I have also had many a sleep-deprived Dad sleep on my couch!

Baby, child, engagement, maternity and family sessions usually last about an hour.


Where does the session take place?

Newborn sessions take place in my studio on my ranch in Bulverde. This is about 20 minutes from New Braunfels and San Antonio.

All other sessions usually take place at my studio and the surrounding outdoor area. My ranch is popular because it provides a natural outdoor setting and access to my studio. If you have another location in mind, I am happy to discuss it. Travel over 20 miles will  incur a travel fee. I WILL travel worldwide, just ask!


Can siblings and parents be in a few shots?

Of course! Any immediate family is welcome in the photos, as are birth & adoptive families. When sibling/family shots are involved, be aware that you usually get a few less shots of baby alone.

I do sessions with extended family on a very limited basis.  Please inquire.


Are twins double the price?

Nope!  Multiples pay the same single session fee.  Aren’t you already paying enough everywhere else?!


Anything else I should bring?

Before your newborn session you will receive a full session prep guide from me.  You don’t need to bring any props or outfits because I have hundreds.  Truly… hundreds.  When we schedule your session I will send a style survey to ask about things/colors/props/themes you might like included.

For maternity sessions you are welcome to bring a sonogram photo, a pair of baby shoes, something special from the nursery, etc.

For baby and child sessions, you might bring along a favorite toy/stuffed animal/lovie.  They add a personal touch to your child’s shoot.  Also, bring along something musical or fun that usually makes them smile!

There are wardrobe suggestions under CLIENTS on my homepage.


What methods of payment do you accept?

Cash, check, paypal, and all major credit cards are accepted.


How soon should I schedule my session?

I often schedule sessions 2-3 months out. Weekends go quickly! Contact me as soon as you know you’d like to schedule to have the most variability in dates.

For newborn sessions, it is best to contact me before baby is born. During your second trimester is ideal. If your baby is already born, I can’t guarantee availability… but it doesn’t hurt to ask!

Maternity sessions are best scheduled between 32-36 weeks, when mama’s belly is nice and pronounced-that is the point after all!


What should we wear?

Check here!


How long until I see my pictures?

My typical turn around to receive your online gallery is about 2 weeks. Your proof gallery is open for purchasing for two weeks from the time it is delivered to you.  There is a $25 fee for reopening your gallery at any time, and you will be given another two weeks.


Do you always post a sneak peek on facebook? 

Usually, yes.  I reserve this right and all clients sign a model release.  However, I will respect privacy when it comes to boudoir, adoption privacy issues, and things of this nature.  If you prefer that I not use any names, I am happy to oblige. You do not have to tag yourselves in photos, but I highly recommend that you do!!!  You may tag anyone you like and you may “share” the photo. You may also use it as your profile or timeline photo ONLY IF YOU DO NOT REMOVE OR CROP OUT MY LOGO.  I sell custom timeline covers for this very reason.


Where can I get my digital files printed? Does it really make a difference where?

Simply put, YES!! It makes a world of difference where you get your photos printed. If you purchase the full gallery flash drive, I will provide you with a list of recommended places so that your photos look their very best!  If you purchase prints from my proof site, rest assured that you are getting professional quality from the finest lab.


How do I make birth announcements?

When you receive your gallery, you can order a single jpeg download or the entire gallery.  These images will be in high resolution.  With the print release you can make prints (at the pro labs I recommend!), or order birth announcements anywhere you wish.  Tiny is great!


Why do my photos have your logo on them?

When you purchase the digital files to your gallery, you receive high resolution images for prints.  These do NOT have a logo on them.  Only the facebook sneak peeks, blogged images, and proof images in the proofing gallery do, to protect both of us.


Can I buy all of the photos you took? Can I buy unedited/raw images from you?  Can I edit the photos I buy?

No. I choose the very best images to edit and present to you in your gallery. I promise I’m not keeping good images from you.  It is in my best interest to give you the very best.  I do not offer raw or unedited images.  It is illegal to edit the photos you purchase from me.  It is also illegal to post, screenshot, or print proof images that contain my watermark.


Do you do event photography?

I do not currently shoot events, besides births.  I would be happy to recommend some great fellow photographers to you.


Do you photograph births? What should I expect?

I photograph a maximum of 3-4 births per year because they require being “on call” at all hours of the day, sometimes requiring rescheduling of other shoots. With hospital, doctor, and midwife permission, I photograph the intense emotion that comes with a birth.  The waiting, the pain, the anticipation, the first glimpse, the tears, the first tender moments, the beauty.  Many moms worry about what will be included in the photos… this is discussed prior to the birth and I do not show “the gore.”  Birth photography is about emotion and those amazing moments that you can only live once. Be aware that MOST facilities will not allow a photographer in surgery during a c section delivery.


What is a mini session?

A mini session is a short 15-30 minute session on a designated day in a designated place.  I usually offer mini sessions in the spring for bluebonnets and in the fall for Holiday card photos.  From time to time I also offer themed sessions such as boudoir for Valentine’s Day, holiday themes for children, etc. Mini Sessions are announced on my facebook page and book first come, first served. They fill quickly!


What is your baby registry?

You can register with Chelsea Lietz Photography so baby shower guests can contribute to your birth, newborn, or package sessions and products. I provide you with beautiful registry cards to include in your baby shower invitations.  Your guests can then make a contribution in any amount over $20 and they received a beautiful card to present their gift. The gift credit can be applied to sessions and products but is not redeemable for cash.


Do you have gift certificates?

I do!  I offer them for the amount of a session plus tax.  You also have the option to add on credit that the recipient can use for prints and fine art products.

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